You Don’t Know Her Story.

You don’t know her story, yet.
Not until she tells it to you, i bet.
Her smile reflects nothing about her heart.
She’s an angel until you know her hurt.

So Don’t be fooled, Her Dm is not always a good place to flirt.
Make her happy? You can’t.
Ask her out? You dumb.

She Carries around a darker Heart,
It’s lights were blown like birthday candles by a painful past,
And the wishes she made right after was for the rage to fade fast.

If you knew,
What her delicate skin had to stomach,
How her body was broken into,
How she had to shut up and get through it.

It goes deep, so so Deep.
Her heart is an abyss, endless and with no grip,
Calm on the out, but screaming inside.
You Know nothing of what she’s dealing with.

You only see her Buried in lipstick and foundation like art,
You have no idea the bridges she’s burned,
You have no idea who she’s become,
Or what Her skeletons are made of.

Oh please, don’t do that.

“No pity party, Sir!
…She can handle it.”

And she wants to do it, Alone.



I wrote this for Someone (a girl) who is not ready to see anyone because she has to deal with herself First. Her past and where she wants to be.


17 thoughts on “You Don’t Know Her Story.

  1. As I read, word for word, I’m captivated by your ability to speak as if you were the persona. Moulding your sentences in a way that brings forth appropriate emotions and empathy for a better understanding of the context.

    Liked by 1 person

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