Poem of the week?

Zip Down,
piss on your fears.

Zip up
You can Make decisions without your peers.

You don’t need a mascot
come a bit and sit on the Piers,

You have to Contemplate on your destiny
Stop loosing to your fears.

Test drive your decisions
I trust you have the gears?

I get it
you might be Looking back with tears,

But listen
Your future is greener,

Feel it?

Your destiny is approaching.

Run to it!

Keep taking the strides,Keep working.

And one day,

your efforts will finally sum up.


Even the future knows you’re a star.

And one night,

A kid will look at you and make a wish.

Dig it?

Little Star. 🌟

Edited: Dec,7 2018


4 thoughts on “Poem of the week?

  1. Lalitha

    Came back to read it the fourth time. Is it just me or is this poem very Rap-Friendly!?!?

    I envisioned a little version of me in a yellow jacket listening to you in rapt attention while I was reading the poem. I wish I had someone saying these words when I was young! Man! You really write such inspirational words! God Bless!

    Liked by 1 person

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