Reveal and Heal

She loved it when I was vulnerable,
She Promised she could handle.

Loved the saint in me, but that wasn’t hard to.
She said , The reveal is how love grew,

But It is hard boo,
Peeling off and let it hurt too.

Threw me to her chest, and gently told me her view,
Her tales proved how God made her new.
Boy, you’d startle too, if you knew.

But now, that I see the angle,
You’re God sent my angel.

You’ve dealt me a card of hearts and spades.
With the Spade, I’ll dig out my past,
With my heart, I’ll give you my trust.

Can I deal you my cards of diamond, for the gem that you’re?

Because today,
This very moment,
I’ll peel, it don’t matter the shame.
Each peel, for you to understand.
Every version, for you to see.
All the secrets, I lay down.
At last I can rest, no more hiding.

You. Are. THE ONE.


This poem is for you who have found the one.
The engaged and the newly married.. this is for you❤️


(Updated November 19.2018 )


* * *

I originally wrote this as a guest post on her website.


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