The Real colors a Man.

Like his intentions, The real colors of a man are unseen.

Hidden and well concealed.

Lurking in the shadows of good words and a nice smile .

Scrambling and scratching beneath the lies to seem nice.

But as you know,

Intention is a sneaky snake,

lying low,

burrowing in fake smiles and obvious compliments,

Camouflaging in the green Grass of your inner circle,

Flattening itself in the corridors of your happiness, unseen.

Spying around sheepishly to know exactly what makes you smile more.


Jealously learning your flaws and aggressively adjusting the mask.


putting up faces.

I mean, How many faces have you been fooled into?

The Intentions of a man lie deep.

so deep for a pretty face to mask it well.



Protect your heart, Sometimes it’s not as strong as you Imagine it is.

Guard your soul, for I assure you it is fragile.

Fragile, to recklessness.

And sometimes,

Sometimes, People can be exactly that.


9 thoughts on “The Real colors a Man.

      1. Lalitha

        Came back for a reread. Such a sinister poem this one is! But every word said and every word unsaid and the silence in the paused convey the stories of so many lives desecrated by a man’s intensions.

        This poem and my poem – ‘Are you who you are’ seem to be 2 sides of the same coin.

        Sorry but it took me a good night’s sleep to see the creative genius lurking behind your words Ben! I was a bit too shaken to see it last night.

        It must have taken a lot of strength and courage to write the obscure truth of your kind. A big Salute just for the sheer pointblank representation of a man Ben!

        Liked by 1 person

        1. Haha, I’m glad you came back..

          This piece was born out of contemplation, it wasn’t hard to jot it, the editing part was the real deal.

          I actually wrote this from something that has been snowballing in my mind and also some stuff I have been learning on.. “do conscious actions define character? or is the irrational mind our true nature?”
          Because our actions sometimes aren’t about intention, but projection.

          It’s conflicting, I know. Just like anything valuable in life.

          but I think, we all get to grow up and realize that To have the good stuff in life, sacrifice is required.
          And Without sacrifice, even the good stuff hold no greater value..”

          I felt chained because I had to narrow it down (Getting out of this poetry format is a bit of a challenge 😂)

          But one thing I’m glad is that, even in the most subtle of way, it’s probably a “shoe fits all” kind of piece/poem.
          Although I used Man to mean people, I still like how you interpreted it.

          And I totally agree, the piece you shared about who we are, is very much related to this.

          I can’t believe I typed all that as a reply😂😂 😷
          (But I Had a feeling you don’t mind)

          Liked by 1 person

          1. Lalitha

            Oh I don’t mind at all! I would have read it patiently even if the reply was longer than this…coz the one thing I love, sometimes more than writing a post is to give and receive comments…

            There are so many voices to be heard and so little time!

            Your work always AMAZES me and makes me THINK. And I had no inkling you used Man generically. But when you say it now, I get it. We are all the same manipulative swines’ until we REALIZE who we truly are. And I mean Realize in the broadest sense of the word. That’s the message I get after yet another reread.

            Thank you for broadening my perspective Ben! It is always nice to know my opinion is not always the only one…Like I mentioned earlier you are One Enlightened Soul and I am truly happy getting to know you.

            P.S someday when you break your chains and write prose, Im going to be the first one applauding!

            Liked by 1 person

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