You’re Limited

Love makes us ignore that our abilities are limited.

It Makes kids promise their parents grand things,
And They go on their lives indebted to those promises.

It Makes a fiancee give it all up,
And expect heaven in return.

Perhaps Love is too much for a Man to carry.

The promises that comes with it are mountainous.
And so is the weight.
He has to carry it all, because the spirit has to feed.

The satisfaction is priceless but the sacrifice balances it out.

And it’s eternally true that Man is meant to derive fulfillment from sacrifice.


4 thoughts on “You’re Limited

  1. Lalitha

    Eerily similar to a beautiful poem you wrote earlier. It talked about sacrifice too. Not sure which one though.

    I wonder what makes you come up with themes like these Ben! I mean you don’t look too old to me!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yeah yeah, I loosely talked about sacrifice in that poem (I think it was the Wishing well.)

      This was like an expound on the topic but in a different angle. You have a good memory👌🏼

      Haha very old, still counting my 20s.

      Liked by 1 person

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