The Blues

I feel like a child whenever I visit the Ocean.
Its like a children’s park ; Serene and full of wonder.
The shores are beautiful and filled up with sand.

Do you think it’s a coincidence the ocean has a playground?
Or that we want to be naked and bury our skin deep in the waves.

The ocean is liberating,
The ever expansive blue makes my heart young,
It frees my soul from troubles of the land,
It washes my sorrow, and drowns my weight,

Like a child let out free to explore the park,
I can feel my eyes spark,

Fascinated by color,
Wondering which blue is fairer,
The sky or the ocean?

It’s the only space where the sky cant tell it’s own reflection from the water.
It’s the only place where music feels stupid.
I mean, this Is the place where I meet the layers within.


Quiet Inspiration

i feel Awed,
don’t you see the perspiration,

On my armpits as it flows.
All this Cos of your Bold projection.

I want for us to Bond,
Can you tone down this tension.

Please Don’t call me Bro,
You haven’t seen my intention.

You’re My Quiet inspiration.
But i see you’re guarded.

Can’t even lower your blinds,
Too see my reflection.

We are Flawed,
We all come with imperfections.

To me, Don’t be Cold,
I could teach you life without asking for compensation.

Haven’t you seen before?
How men can be overwhelming in their competition.

To ran your Heart Cold,
For they see it as the mission.

You can moan and howl,
But when they dream they can’t see you in their vision.

They’re Social predators on patrol,
Hop into their booty calls only when you feel like a snack.

They’ll claim you’re priceless,
And still put your heart out for auction.

Comparing your heart with others,
See, it’s just a game of action.

To make their desire full,
And put your integrity in question.

They’ll take your heart and soil it,
Even When You present it as a token.

This is such an old poem:

I wrote this a while back when I was writing this poem Hypnosis .

It was a style of writing I did a lot last year.. and In a way I thought I should just put this style out again. And I don’t even know what to call this style I seem to blurb about.. Lyrical? Who cares, right?

Thank you for reading ❤️

A Few Words.

In a world of vast languages,
I want to be a few words.

In a world where language is built to separate and divide
I only want words to bring a few hands together.

In a world where language was a weapon,
I hope to share stitches.

In a world where words sent a heart into flames,
I pray for words that can bring it back from the ashes.

In my world of faults and recklessness,
I pray for courage to mend what I have broken .

By the Shores

By the shores,
A memory of you washes over,
My feet in the sand,
My thoughts deep in the clouds.

Ocean waves washed you back to me,
What a colourful horizon,
birds in pairs,
a sign of love in the air.
I shut my Eyes, it’s only fair.
things are better felt, than seen.
How heavenly.
That i could feel this glorious in a single moment.

If time could give back,
I’d ask it for nothing More,My Love.

I miss you.

Photos courtesy: lexonart

Don’t Let them,

Please let her hide her pain in a smile,
You won’t understand even if she told it.
And before you hurl insults you might want to hold it.
Her IG pictures only make her feel the sun,
The touch of acceptance and love from strangers,
At least they can like her for her face
And not her past.
At least they don’t judge but Love.

IG Saw her fairer than those who knew her,
She draws life from it.
Unfollow if you want to.

Don’t let them tell you how to live.