Come to me with your wayward ways and I will love you
Come to me with your hard stone curved heart and I will have you

Break my heart again and again and still every piece will still beat for you
It is you I was meant to be with, it is me you will finally love

Show me the door, cast me far away but to your arms I shall return
Show me your darkest self and I will show you your light
Denounce me in front of other and yet it changes nothing
It is you I was meant to be with not another.


This is Us (…continuation) Poem

My previous post on this is Us wasn’t made with the intention of having a continuation to it

…BUT a close friend of mine wrote this beautiful piece. And man! The fact that someone sat through my thoughts and envisioned an extended version of it makes it outstandingly beautiful to me.

I have the most amazing readers in this blog..I thank God for that.

You may want to read the previous post before you read this one. 😉

I knew this was it,
The kind of ‘it’ that made me think of our future kids for a moment
He was the perfect height with just the right physique and had the most neat haircut I had seen in days,
The way he looked at me made me want to stare into his beautiful dark brown eyes,
I could hardly hear the honking of the cab,
My journey back home was nothing but a reflection of our lunch date,
And no,It’s not because there were candles everywhere or a bunch of rose petals scattered around the room
But because it was Him.
The man my heart could not come to forget,
But as they say ‘The heart wants what it wants’
My thoughts were halted when the cab came to a stop,

And as I alighted, I dialed his number.

A familiar masculine voice, Sang to my Hello,

The voice sang with so much passion and with an incredibly off tune,

I loved it.

It was the silliest lovely thing I’d ever heard,

Stuck between little smiling sensations and cute droplets of tears,

A moment, soo inexplicable.

A moment so fresh and New.

This Lionel Richie’s song hummed to my ears and

I could feel His presence over the phone,

I could almost feel like this was completely alien,

I have been waiting for a “pinch me moment” my whole life,

and this was it.

This was my “if this is as real,pinch me now”

I could feel emotions well up within me,

This was too real, Too Good.

my heart is breaking

The magnificence of this start is incredibly terrific to me.

And If this is Us.

I’m loving it.

Let our story begin.❤️


I Choose Kenya, I Choose To Be Different. (#Club42Kenya)

When the power of Love overcomes the love of power, the world will know peace. -Jimi Hendrix


We are Club 42 and we stand for patriotism, peace and Love.

God is Ashamed of Us. I write this note with a heavy Heart and an itching soul that cries out loud to the heavens and hopes that one day our country will reason as one. A dream that I’ll one day live out Loud.
Its appalling and disgusting how we turn out to be instruments of Havoc in a flip second.

Political tides and times die with the wind and elections are seasonal. In this day and age worshipping of respective candidates In various positions of leadership has become the norm for many including the elites who are expected to be movement and the change the world anticipates. Its a huge blow and a heavy punch to humanity that we’ve decided to play the tune of those who know us not and their only aim is to use and dump after their individualistic and egocentric interests are met. We’ve turned out to be the servants rather than the masters who dictate what we want. We’ve been hoodwinked and brainwashed by fallacies and false hopes through this political gods. We’ve remained the same and worse off than yesterday.

Education and wisdom seems to have no place in our minds. Our Brains and heads remain Empty. Reason intuition and Wisdom is only but a word in the dictionary, nothing much. We risk much for this humans under the illusion that they are our own. Political stooges and deluded imbeciles describe our persona.

And yet we continue to curse rather lament about bad leadership. Of course its a chorus that has been sung for ages and now its a lullaby. We Complain yet we have the power to change. We weep yet we have a chance to celebrate. We are blindly fooled in broad daylight and put our lives on the line with no pay just to make a fellow creature happy.

This begs the question, once we’ve learnt to tolerate each other then we’ve surpassed the threshold of maturity. I wish and yearn for that day where qualities and ideologies would be a yardstick for people to ascend to leadership, a day where we would learn that brotherhood goes beyond the levels of ethnicity,a day where the words of the national anthem will instill some sense in us and finally an era where Mimi na Wewe
Tutaungana Mikono tujenge Kenya MOJA PAMOJA


I am Jonathan Junie.
I stand to be counted. I choose to be different.

To Jesus we Belong


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There are forces so strong

around us that always throng

in our lives they tag along

only to Jesus do we belong

we may never understand

never fully to comprehend

though we struggle to amend

only to Jesus do we belong


Daily we struggle to do right

what is pleasing to God’s sight

yet we cannot by our own might

only to Jesus do we belong

The devil is on the prowl

on hilltops and valleys he howls

into our hearts daily he crawls

only to Jesus do we belong


As Peter cried to the Lord

‘Lord save me’ I sink oh Lord

our salvation is in the Lord

only to Jesus do we belong


The satisfaction we find in sin

the peace that existeth therein

yet it kills and destroys from within

only to Jesus do we belong


seek Him while he may be found

in this sinful world stand strong and bold

worship him in truth his blessings abound

only to Jesus do we surely belong




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To Jesus we belong –