My Millennial Monologue – Grab some Corns 🍿

Millennials, we grew up fast!

We Knew about Sex at an early age.

Hollywood advanced us from light kisses to alluded love scenes to extremely Rated love making.

Those Picture perfect Love scenes that offered blissful ignorance; the Exotic sex styles, the flawless body motions, endearing touch responses and the extremely enticing imagery.

All of these Cultivated the urge in our poor teenage minds.

Today,it’s worse. Our Under aged siblings are now cursed with adult minds.

More perverted and nastier

They’re More skilled than the parents,Blame it on the ‘sites‘.

They didn’t even get to know what Love was

So they’ve attached sex to it.

Hollywood has been doing most of the parenting/coaching today,

Confusing our reality with fantasy.

Making fantasies the dream life.

And more so, Enslaving a generation to chase that life.

A generation taught normal is boring -Hype is the Life.

Have you questioned why anxiety and depression is at all-time high?

With every waking day,

We are learning to fight our lows by getting high.

And numb our pain by popping and partying all night.

We survive in the noise, in the crowd, with active unread messages, unseen notifications, our mind are wired to the chaos. we are actually creating more attention than we can keep up.

We can barely stand silence.

Because it brings the reality back.

The one thing we can’t come in terms with.

We can barely think about our lives, about our dysfunctions and how to mend them.

But we are perfect to throw in quotes and good pictures and get high from social media attention.

How many Superstars are living the life and killing themselves over it?

But the glamour is so enticing , we’d rather die rich or trying.

word on the street is, we are the woke generation.

Oh , no debate on that.

We’re in The information age – Fancy!

And We are communicating more than ever – facts!

but there’s never been a generation so detached.

Detached From the physical world, detached from those sitting right here with us. And well, Our Parents are soaked too Deep in work schedules to talk.

And we are on HD screens being taught, about life and about more life.

Twitter feeds feeding our minds off,

TV scripts are made to scrap off our standards and make you question the need for morals.

Let us learn love and sex from scripted TV shows,

Let us learn to cause love drama and not avoid it.

Because At first, we claim to know “its just entertainment,”

But after a while we start living it. unconsciously.

These shallow realities of Hollywood are now filled into these poor kids mind,

Adorable little hearts grow up without any guidance about Love.
They are Left to hurt and learn.

Is sex love or love sex?

Is money Everything or just an access?

Some of us end up not learning a thing.
At 22+ aren’t you surprised you still know nothing about love?

I’m I loosing y’all with this talk?

All right then, Forget about it.

I have got a new vibe, hey!

Films on my mind now, lets binge and scrap all these insight.

I might go hulk on this lines, oh look what marvel has done to me?

Wonder woman inspired my sister,

And Keeping up with the Kardashians might be making her more Arrogant.

I can try to point fingers, but our mess is made of mirrors.

It’s pointing right back at Us.

The society, the parenting skills,

Our peers and the pressure to keep up.

Our need for comparison and need to be woke.

Complaining the tap water is dirty when it’s really the well that’s poisoned,

Blaming social media and Hollywood film makers for the Filth, when we opened our hearts to the perversion.

“We only Live once.”

What Does That Even MEAN?

More Popcorns 🍿 please, Anyone?



Record your life while you’re still ALIVE and while you still CAN.
Put down your brightest ideas while you still have the chance.
Take up the job today,chase the dream now, tomorrow is just Grace.
Give that Help you’ve shelved, being Rich is not the only time to.
Say that “I Love you” sooner, you may never get another chance.
Stop waiting for miracles when you are One.
How can you see the climb if you never look back?
You’ve certainly come a long way, you won’t know if you don’t look back.
You’re so focused on what’s not right. if you could try and count how many times you’ve felt that. you’d actually see How much you’ve gone through.
Taking your life for granted until you lose those closest to wake up?
Is that what it will take?
To see loss to feel lucky?
Is it until we lose those we love that we feel the love?
You have friends , family, loved ones what’s it going to take to value this fortune?
Oh how someone walks to an empty home tonight wishing he had all his family right there.
And another walks in a full house and wishes he was somewhere else.
Living with the richness of this life but never seeing it.
Appreciate these people while you still have the chance,
Share your most Painful moments of this life with those closest.
Don’t wait until you’re gone for them to wish they knew you better,
had more of you often,
spared one more day with you.
Don’t wait until we Regret how less of you we got to know.
We are all full of doubts, anxiety,pain but we are all capable of believing in something. In you. In our friendship,our bond.
Capable of sharing, capable of being there for one another.
We are all human,
Damaged but still Glorious.
Why don’t you share some of that.
your damage,
just as you do when you’re happy.
We say we live once but only understand what that truly means when we lose someone who meant EVERYTHING.
We claw our pain inwards because we think no one will understand. Riddle me this, does anyone understand your happiness? Oh Really? No. No, we don’t.
we feel it. We share it.
Not understand it.
Same with pain. We can feel it. The Loss, the despair, all of it.
Let’s vanquish it together. it is all we can do. share.
This life is Soo fragile friends,
Take some time,
Forget about the busy world,
It’ll forever be,
Love yourself, (you’ve got to say it. Say it! -I LOVE ME!) .. Please mean it and learn to.
Whenever you come back Home,
Take off the weight by Sharing it,
Have coffee and dinner dates with friends,
Be at peace.
Put in Quality in your Life, Cos you’re Precious like that!

¶Remember : This life is a bit more precious when you live with Gratitude.

Son, Dad Loved You ❤️

Tell it to my Kid, when I’m gone..
Let him know this life was hard for me when He came to this world,
Your Mom left you on my doorstep on a rainy day,
Your Little Crystal cries melted my heart,
Brown Eyes of mine on you, I swear I saw myself in you,
I Made up my broken ways to raise you,
I Had nothing but you,
Your Mum abandoned us,
I didn’t know how to be a father to you,
But whenever you cried, you sucked my thumb, held onto my Palm until you slept.

I have never felt more alive,son.
I swore to make you the Man I wasn’t,
This is my story, and I’m sorry I won’t be there to see you become a Man.
I Never was the Best, but trying was the only way,
I only write this ’cause you’re too young to understand, too young to remember.
My Little one, Your father is dying.
I had four months left, and today I might be due a week,

This is so Hard to tell you, but I Gave you up to a foster home. The hardest decision of my life

I Hope you become the man I raised you to be.
A better man than I am. You’re the Hero in my life story, that’s why i gave you my name boy,
I love you.

PS: I left an order for you to know the truth when you turn 18. Be good to Your new parents.

This is Goodbye 😩😢

Love, Dad.


You actually don’t have to read this next part

….but if you have to..

It’s the Perspective Behind the story.

This story is about a complicated parenting. A boy left by his mother at a very young age and is left at the hands of a very loving but dying father.

Why This Poem Matters AND what made me write it (Behind the scenes )

I wrote this to tell the untold story of responsible Male parents. They may not be many, but single male parents do exist. They do. I’m in search of these honorable Men. I want to tell their story. I want them to know they’re instrumental. I want the world to know them. We men don’t get pregnant but we sure determine the world’s Gender.. so trust it that Men can Nurture ,Men can be taught by their women to take care of their own. We can.

This story is a mirror to what most kids go through.

  1. A deadbeat parent.
  2. Some having to loose their only parent
  3. And being raised by foster parents.

Do we know what this kids go through? Do they all get an explanation why they ended up the way they did?

Although This poem ends in a sad note, the father left a message for his kid. The boy will know that he was loved, that he had someone who cared deeply and he is where he is because life took a different turn.

Kindly Share this poem/story. Thank you

For More stories follow this Blog.

This was Originally shared on:Mobile Journalism Africa

To All Women feeling this way..

To the woman tired of feeling the right thing for the wrong guy.
tired of trusting, weary of promises,
numb to cheap flattery.
Disgusted by the filth of toxic men, puzzled by the loneliness in relationships.
Overwhelmed by the peace of not feeling a thing.
you now know what you Deserve.

For those dealing with Pain and depression.

Depression is a lonely feeling,
And It eats you alive without help.
Pain needs attention. Don’t run away from it.
Accept you’re depressed and in pain.
People will try to understand your pain,
But Not everyone will, understand that.
Stop pretending…
you’re not okey,and its okey to know that,than pretend
For some, the pretence holds , but not for long,
Little memory-triggers start flashing back to you
Things start crumbling,
over thinking
You realize it’s all catching up to you,
And this time worse than the first time..
It’s like a bad storm ricocheting back to you.

And Last ,

Depression is a condition and it is something you can get help and Live with Harmony.

Let us be gentle with people who are dealing with Pain and depression.
Lets Support them even when we can’t understand their pain.. recommend help and offer time to talk with someone.
Most suicides come from this condition…
Be the reason a soul finds purpose. That’s how you make an impact in this world.

This world is heavy on some people,be Helpful.


A friend of mine Marvin, sparked up a very interesting topic about a boy child empowerment. There were all kinds of comments of how appropriate and inappropriate all this was. 

Well, I saw the good intent in his post but I knew it would end up being a debate on gender- and it did. 

So I thought back as to why we needed women empowerment in the first place. And there it was. Back then Women were deprived of knowledge. They were thought incapable of doing any other thing beyond the house chores. They were not allowed to be educated or own property since they were assets themselves. And that’s where it all started.

Today women own successful companies and drive expensive cars. All because of the empowerment. Raise your glasses and let’s drink to that…Cheers!  

The boy is still in the maze with no guide to navigate it. Although he is brought up to be the prince he has ended up being a pawn to the empowered queen. He is seen as the pride of the society but is he?  

He is bred with an ego big enough to fool him that he is omniscience. We forget that he needs guidance. Indeed, much more guidance to lead and take care of his woman.  

But now look how well the male world has grown its fingers, he has way too long fingers to point what’s wrong in the family instead of fixing it.  He drinks off his mistakes and carry the blame home. 

Make no mistake, I did not scribble this to fight women empowerment. I am writing this because if men were well empowered in the first place they would respect their wives than scorn them. But that’s spilt milk now. 

The truth is the men’s world is not yet dysfunctional but if our young boys continue being left to figure things out for themselves then women will have just as hard lifestyles trying to find a responsible one.


If you can’t keep your own personal secrets to yourself, don’t expect others to. We barely realize it but opening up to people has limits, and an extension to this puts you in a situation of insecurity. Shared secrets makes us vulnerable unless it is not a real secret in itself.

We have friends we share our personal issues to, that’s normal. But how well do you sieve what you say to strangers or even to the people close to you? The ones you trust the most because you love them. Have you ever stopped and asked yourself how deep it will hurt your reputation, your relations with people and ultimately hurt YOU?

If they, in any chance, betray your trust what would become of your dirty talks, your controversial actions and things you did and said about others that you are not proud of?
People change and how they talk about you today is not what they will when you cross roads.

Get this straight, every big skeleton you dig up from your closet shackles you as a prisoner to the one you tell it to.
We all have secrets and there’s no essence in telling them all. This is no new thing and I know by now you have shared secrets that you would rather not have. You can’t take it all back and amnesia isn’t common especially to the people you opened up to.

PS:Mystery gives you a chance to recommence and even find solace in your mistakes. Lock up your skeletons and ditch the key yourself – Bm