You’re Not Alone.

You can’t do it all by yourself,
You can’t deal with everything all alone,
You are. not. built to stomach everything,
You need an outlet.
You NEED a way to cope.
You need to ACCEPT help.
To Lean on someone.
To Find solace.

To Find a corner.
~Your corner.


A spot you can return to when it gets rough.

Somewhere You can recharge.

Find that


Its All in the Timing

When Love is Over, a lot happens,

Like any other love story ,the end is a hot steak to bite.
Should you burn in anger,
Or just put your self together,
You told all your friends he was the hottest,
Now what are you going to do with the ashes?
Will you mend or whine.
Would you like to dwell on the Why?
and shatter yourself over spilt wine?
Haven’t you always been better than that?
wounds heal in time, of course you know that.
Drop the hate,
Healing doesn’t work that way,
Healing works organically,
Hate makes him a center of your world,
And That’s not a privilege you get to give again.
He Was the centre of your world when love was,
Don’t harbor another weight of the same person.

Things get better and all you ever need, is Time.



when writing this kind of poems I have a lot of perspective I want to pour into and the draft goes on for a thousand of words..

But here’s a little summary..

Relationships end and This poem is for that minute after you’ve decided it’s over. That period of disbelief,anger, relief,hate, blame, mixed emotions and a whole lot bunch of confusion.

I’m not telling you what’s best for you but this piece is meant to logic you into peace. Not completely,just a little bit.

A little to make you want to go one day un bothered by past love drama.

It’s meant to make you weigh what’s better? hanging on (either on love/hating) or just letting it all go. FOR GOOD.



This is completely unrelated to the poem.
But I thought it’d make you feel silly. It might make your day💪🏾… I truly love how she ends it.

Mirror Work – Love yourself

In a World of Cruelty… Hold on

In a world of cruelty, in a world where people hurt because they’ve known pain, in this age where memes throw shade on our behalf. In this age where we live our lives with our egos more erected than our morals..
Its special to meet souls willing to swim against the tide.

People with warm hearts,
Souls kind enough,
Friends with Good intentions.
But who’s willing to ride against this tide?
Who’s brave enough to be genuinely Kind in a cruel World?

Entitled to You.

There are things that will make you unpopular,
Personal Decisions, that will cost you friends,
Salvation will chaff off people you don’t need,
Failures, will cut off fake friends,
Pain will remind you of God,
And Solitude will give you closure.
We are here for a minute,
Embrace your life choices,
Be shameless about God,
Forgive them,
Don’t wait on failure to pray,
Expect loyalty from no one,
don’t beat your self up all day,
This world is here to stay,
You’re not.

There’s More To You,Let Them Know…

There is more to You.
You are more than this.
More than a past they know of,
More than dreams they knew of,
If they want to judge you by the past,
Let them start now, ‘cos from now,
the past will be a thing they will remember you for.
You’ve got survival skin, scars are your testimony.
A spirit of royalty, you’re a Victor!
You’ve lived ,not in competition,
But in contentment.
Now take a pen and tell history I lived my best.
There’s nothing I’d change, I’m at my best today..


The Two sides of the Coin #Part 2

Give your pain the attention it needs…
I know, it’s easier to say this than do it..
But, perhaps, Dealing with it will be the best way to actually put it behind you

Don’t run away from pain,
Don’t loose your patience.
Like anything else, It will pass..
Things will clear up,

Happiness and pain are two sides of the same coin.
A coin is worth it’s two sides.

And So is life.

For those dealing with Pain and depression.

Depression is a lonely feeling,
And It eats you alive without help.
Pain needs attention. Don’t run away from it.
Accept you’re depressed and in pain.
People will try to understand your pain,
But Not everyone will, understand that.
Stop pretending…
you’re not okey,and its okey to know that,than pretend
For some, the pretence holds , but not for long,
Little memory-triggers start flashing back to you
Things start crumbling,
over thinking
You realize it’s all catching up to you,
And this time worse than the first time..
It’s like a bad storm ricocheting back to you.

And Last ,

Depression is a condition and it is something you can get help and Live with Harmony.

Let us be gentle with people who are dealing with Pain and depression.
Lets Support them even when we can’t understand their pain.. recommend help and offer time to talk with someone.
Most suicides come from this condition…
Be the reason a soul finds purpose. That’s how you make an impact in this world.

This world is heavy on some people,be Helpful.