Shadows of Deadbeat Dads

He was too busy for your very first birthday,
then he wasn’t there when you learnt how to speak,
At first, mother was the only important person you knew..
Then, something hit you..
your friends got picked from school by men, all called by the same name”Dad”.
That name left so many unanswered questions,
“Mom,Do I have a Dad too? ”
“Janet got a dad and Brian too,do I have one too? ”
‘Yes’ wasn’t good of an answer..
“Can I meet him? Why is he not here😟?”
The thought of him boggled your childhood mind.
All it did was make you mad and curious!
20 years later he still didn’t come home but you saw some pictures or met him once..
Can’t explain it but Your life is full now. Because mother found a way to fix that hole..
You still crave it, subtly.. but it doesn’t tear you apart as it first did..
If he ever thinks of you, love you or even cares if you exist is a mystery..
Today maybe father’s day But you know clearly who took that mantle and gave you the world like no other..
Say thank you mother for filling that hole and for being strong for me..
Thank you for not giving up like he did..
Sorry for having to raise a child on your own without a loving partner.. thank you for overlooking heartbreak to nurture me.. for everything
Say it all, remember how strong she has been for you to be where you are now.. she deserves it all.. remind her she Did it!
She is your Hero and the only soul that valued you beyond anything else!
Happy recognition day to these souls..

Be it a guardian or a mother appreciate them.
Those with responsible fathers in their lives.. you’re the luckiest! Remember them as well.



The Storm (Why Me?)

” Why me?” Is The most unbearable part of being in pain.

It is beyond what one deserves.

To the man who watched his wife and child burn in his car after the fatal accident on our Kenyan highway…

To the little girl who lost her life for a ‘stray bullet’ in a fight for power…

To the mother nursing her head cuts from a violent husband…

To the kid on the street without any parental love..

To anyone going through a storm in your life.. NOTHING LAST FOREVER..

Don’t Hate yourself… This life is a weather system in it’s own. You are in a Hurricane. Hurricanes run out of energy eventually. Hold on.

The Storm will pass.

Remember Nothing comes as a surprise to God.

In the Name of Politics, Who cares?

Hail all Kenya! ..

Welcome Back to the year of delusional decisions..

Where you’re told your conjugal rights stand no chance in the Name of politics.

Welcome to Kenya where unknown number of Kenyans will die in public hospitals, but who cares?

We may have tweeted a Cabinet secretary out of office But who said we won’t vote her back?

We have mourned about extra judicial killings, about Jacob Juma, and of course we cursed the government but we can sweep those outcries under the carpet now, in the Name of politics.

Here is what you’ll come to learn about politics: lies are designed to sound like the truth and murder to sound respectable.

This is the season Kenyan voters call it ‘their time’… It’s is the time for poor people to ball on the power they posses in their wallet with that voting card..

They will talk so loud and even attend the political meeting to floss about how the ball is in their court to decide, talk of how tired they are. Reminicse on the past four terrible years of corruption and poor services..but in the Name of politics all this adversities are things of the past.

this ‘power’ in their pocket has a price of money and promises and its all bought in the name of politics.

But who cares? We lament and forget just as soon as those political ploys are recited to us..

On August 31 you’re on your own, and the seating government awaits your money for taxation.. So who has the power now?

In the name of politics, We forget our daily transactions are fueled to build this breaking Nation.
In the name of politics, you spent restless days to get some cash to survive , while the government waits on it on a rotating seat to yet AGAIN TAX YOUR HARD-EARNED MONEY!!

But who cares, ?? the end we have to line up and vote whoever we choose to..


Its your right to vote but don’t be anyone’s slave -BM

Christian Drama War Room Beats Straight Outta Compton at Labor Day Box Office


After three consecutive weekends at the top, Straight Outta Compton has finally relinquished its hold on first place, falling to the faith-based drama War Room during a sleepy Labor Day weekend.

War Room took a clear lead after three days, earning an estimated $9.4 million in 1,526 locations. With a budget of just $3 million, War Room has outpaced expectations since its $11.4 million debut last weekend, and its domestic total is now at $24.7 million. The PG-rated War Room has benefited from being one of the only faith-based films in theaters recently, and it’s the latest Christian hit from brothers Alex and Stephen Kendrick.

Even though Straight Outta Compton failed to secure first place, it still added a solid $8.8 million over three days to its record-breaking run. By Monday, it should cross $150 million domestically. The N.W.A. biopic was the breakout hit of late summer, opening to…

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Which type of woman are you to your man..


1. “The complaining type”
Are you constantly whining and discontent? Do you make it so
hard for your man to please you? Lady relax, you will never be happy in life if
you pay more attention to what you lack than what you have.

2. “The jealous type”
Are you insecure, unsettled when your man works or even
talks with female friends? Lady relax, your man is a good
man that’s why you chose him. He is your man. No other
woman will take your place. Be secure as his queen.


3. “The mother type”
Are you treating your man like he is a boy? Telling him what
to do, how to do it, and when to do it? Do you correct him as
if you are disciplining a child? Do you touch him like a man
or handle him like a boy? Lady, men love to be treated like
grown men. Be a mother to your child but treat your man like
a capable king.
4. “The needy type”
Are you too dependent and clingy? Do you choke your man
with you demands, demanding your man to talk to you every
10 minutes despite you knowing he is genuinely busy? Do you
suffocate your man in need of abnormal attention? Lady
relax, don’t push him to the edge.

5. “The pushy type”
Are you living in tomorrow? Forcing your man to go to the
next step when today is fresh. Are you the type to meet a
new man and you are already pushing for love, then as soon
as you start dating you push him to propose, then you quickly
want marriage? Lady relax, you will miss out on the proper
growth of love because of your haste. Love is a process not
a race.
6. “The touchy type”
Are you the type who loves to touch, to hold hands, to have
your hand on your man? If your man doesn’t understand you
he might find your touchiness too much. Hopefully the man
you choose loves to be touched a lot.


7. “The victim type”
Are you the lady who loves attention by dwelling on your
problems, so that your man feels sorry for you? Do you find
comfort in presenting yourself as the victim and how unfair
the world is to you? Lady, this self-pity to gain attention is not
healthy. You can’t do this for long without your man feeling
drained. Work on yourself.
8. “The bossy type”
Do you give orders and commands, you never listen to your
man, it always has to be your way? Lady, tame yourself;
your man reads this as you being disrespectful.
9. “The childish type”
It’s wonderful to be fun and silly at times. But lady, look at
your man’s reaction to tell whether there are things you do
that he finds too childish.
10. “The suicidal type”
Are you manipulative, daring that you will do something life
threatening so that you arm-twist your man? This is the
quickest way to make your man want as little as possible to
do with you. You have inner problems, deal with them.
11. “The irrational type”
Do you rush into making regrettable decisions. Is your tongue
lose to speak words that you haven’t thought through? Do
you do things that you will not be proud of? Do you keep
changing your mind making you look unstable? Lady, a man
who loves you will love you despite this weakness. But work
on being an emotionally stable woman who is patient and
thinks things through. This will help you in love and in life.
12. “The over-thinking type”
Do you worry too much? Are you not at peace because of
over-thinking? When your husband is making love to you, do
your many thoughts keep you from enjoying your husband?
When enjoying quality time with your man, does your mind
wander going all over the place? Lady relax, over-thinking
robs you the beauty of precious real-time moments.


13. “The suspicious type”
Are you treating your man like a criminal, quick to assume
your man is cheating or doing wrong? Do you snoop on him,
put him on the spot for no reason? Does your tone suggest
you don’t trust him. It hurts a man when his woman doesn’t
believe him.
14. “The lost type”
Do you lose yourself in the relationship/marriage, you have
no drive, no vision? Are you escorting your man in life and
have nothing to live for on your own? Lady, find you. Your
man doesn’t want an escort or a rubber stamp, he wants an
equal partner.
15. “The perfect lover but pathetic friend type”
You are good at doing things lovers do. You say romantic
things, go out on dates, kiss; but you two are not true friends.
You are not free with him, you would rather share your
challenges and issues with another person. Lady, be not only
lovers, be the best of friends.


16. “The war-monger type “
Are you combative, constantly looking for a fight? Lady relax,
simmer down. Your man wants to be loved, not attacked.
17. “The secretive type”
Do you keep things from your man because you think your
man can’t handle it or because you fear your man won’t love
you if he knows? Trust your man, open up.
18. “The extreme feminist type”
Have you concluded in your heart that men are the enemy,
that this a gender war? This negative attitude will cause you
to want to prove points and drive your man away. Lady relax,
allow yourself to receive some masculine love as you give
your feminine love.
19. “The I am always right type”
Do you always have to win? Do you stop at nothing to show
how your way is best? Lady relax, love is about talking things
out, listening, compromising and making joint decisions.
20. “The loving type”
This is the type every man needs. A woman who is
dependable, caring, secure, thoughtful, mature, giving,
nurturing, challenging. She brings out the best in her man.
Lady, keep loving him like you do.



Just hold on..

Dreams..your dreams. that’s  your ticket to success. There’s no such a thing as success without an outlined plan, unless you were born in a bungalow, and your  parents have made it already.Then  the only kind of dreaming u need is the bed kind of dreams,    Enjoy life and wait for inheritance..
Well, that is the other side of the red sea and life is too dynamic for everyone to make it all at once.
So we are all left with one thing –

struggle and make it kind of lifestyle

. Which comes back to my point.. Have Planned dreams!.


The most  significant thing in life is achieving what u dreamt of.¶

It doesn’t matter if u have a million dollar dream or  that humble business plan to get the family through the day. What matters is how much can you persevere to hit that one goal. How much you are willing to sacrifice just to make it .

Well.. Endurance. Hope and Hard work.
That’s what it takes


So take that notepad today, write your dream down then follow it and Let nothing stop you.
You were designed  with full capabilities of your own kind and you’ll amazingly achieve  all you yearn for if u can just realize your potential.
Go out there and make a difference.


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