A Matter of time.

And just as much as the heart of man is capable of self- destruction, it is incredibly capable of self- healing. Mostly, it’s a matter of time.



I need God.
To Guide,
to walk to,
talk to.

I need money.
To have access,
to help,
to inspire,
And wander.

I will need a girl.
To hold and to love,
to wish and to explore,

I will find the one,
to tattoo her pain on my skin,
explore her mind as we scheme;
How To make what’s finite, eternal.

I need some patience.
To linger,
to Pace down,
to wait and believe
that in due time.
Everything falls into place.

And if it doesn’t,
then I guess I’ll find Isaac Newton
And make everything fall, like it should.

Build Value, It’s not a race.

What do you want and what do you need?
I wish you grow old enough to know the difference.

It’s like we grow up to chase after Life,
And in the process we drop every basic value of life,
just to make it to the finish line and wonder what we chased after.

Because in the end it’s not about what you got, but what it meant.
How you shared and how much you cared.

PS; This post was inspired by a tweet

The Candle Wish ( Poem)

I stared at my candle flame 🕯️
Swinging low and gently,
Brushing swiftly against the purring wind.

lighting dimly the corner of my room, emanating it’s light to the night.

Flame Dancing with the air around it,
Slowly Alluring Moth and nocturnal creatures to it’s dance floor.

Watching from a distance,
mute to the music,
Amused by the concept.
The concept of a candle flame and the moth.
a concept of Good attracting what’s not.

I caught myself watching,
And staring at Life peeling itself off the candle flame.

Ridling me to see,
That even Good things flicker.
That they too can loose their spark.

That, like moths,
Bad habits can dim the lights of a good life
Because even Vices creep up on what’s left shining in a Good heart.

Doing Good in this world comes just as close as lighting a candle flame.
It’s pretty dark to see how far the Light can Go.

But here’s the Voice in the Dark with a Candle and matchsticks
inviting you to: “do Good.”

Be the Light in the Dark,
Even when the moth and night creatures come crawling,
Hold another one’s candle light and let’s make things a little bit brighter.

About this poem

This piece is from a short series I did in February this year called “the candles series” and I thought I’d repost some of those poems here.