You’re Limited

Love makes us ignore that our abilities are limited.

It Makes kids promise their parents grand things,
And They go on their lives indebted to those promises.

It Makes a fiancee give it all up,
And expect heaven in return.

Perhaps Love is too much for a Man to carry.

The promises that comes with it are mountainous.
And so is the weight.
He has to carry it all, because the spirit has to feed.

The satisfaction is priceless but the sacrifice balances it out.

And it’s eternally true that Man is meant to derive fulfillment from sacrifice.


The Real colors a Man.

Like his intentions, The real colors of a man are unseen.

Hidden and well concealed.

Lurking in the shadows of good words and a nice smile .

Scrambling and scratching beneath the lies to seem nice.

But as you know,

Intention is a sneaky snake,

lying low,

burrowing in fake smiles and obvious compliments,

Camouflaging in the green Grass of your inner circle,

Flattening itself in the corridors of your happiness, unseen.

Spying around sheepishly to know exactly what makes you smile more.


Jealously learning your flaws and aggressively adjusting the mask.


putting up faces.

I mean, How many faces have you been fooled into?

The Intentions of a man lie deep.

so deep for a pretty face to mask it well.



Protect your heart, Sometimes it’s not as strong as you Imagine it is.

Guard your soul, for I assure you it is fragile.

Fragile, to recklessness.

And sometimes,

Sometimes, People can be exactly that.

The Wishing Well.

In words, they wish you well,

In their acts, they will give you hell.

Intentions are invisible, I wish I could guard my steps around people.

My circle is small, I’m still throwing my coins to the well.

Intentions are Hidden, but I’m hoping to stay pure and do well.

I think eyes are mirrors, you can see through them if you look well,

But some are just tinted, their intentions are concealed too well.

Who can I trust with my heart, when dishonesty continues like a sequel.


* * *

What this Poem Really means;

A wishing well myth is ancient. It was a believed that water hosted deities.

For example in the myth, Odin was asked to sacrifice his right eye which he threw into the well to receive not only the wisdom of seeing the future but the understanding of why things must be.

Although there are different versions to this myth, the most outstanding thing is that people would pray for blessings and favors from deities by throwing something of value in return to the deity of the well.

So when I say:

“My circle is small, I’m still throwing my coins to the well.”

It’s poetically entangled to this myth. We Sacrifice for those closest to us and hope for the best.

Isn’t that what it takes to keep friends and relationships.

Reveal and Heal

She loved it when I was vulnerable,
She Promised she could handle.

Loved the saint in me, but that wasn’t hard to.
She said , The reveal is how love grew,

But It is hard boo,
Peeling off and let it hurt too.

Threw me to her chest, and gently told me her view,
Her tales proved how God made her new.
Boy, you’d startle too, if you knew.

But now, that I see the angle,
You’re God sent my angel.

You’ve dealt me a card of hearts and spades.
With the Spade, I’ll dig out my past,
With my heart, I’ll give you my trust.

Can I deal you my cards of diamond, for the gem that you’re?

Because today,
This very moment,
I’ll peel, it don’t matter the shame.
Each peel, for you to understand.
Every version, for you to see.
All the secrets, I lay down.
At last I can rest, no more hiding.

You. Are. THE ONE.


This poem is for you who have found the one.
The engaged and the newly married.. this is for you❤️


(Updated November 19.2018 )


* * *

I originally wrote this as a guest post on her website.


If I could put your light somewhere,
it’d be in a cosy corner of my heart.

Somewhere in the cracks, Maybe

Somewhere I could see the illumination from a distance.

Even with The littlest spark of your light,
I Will still capture something pretty.

A silhouette, perhaps.

Just an outline of us,
Draping out of the light into the dark.

We could do with a little darkness, my love.
Don’t you think?


Chipped Hearts.

This world is cold, warm me.
Cupid been harsh, sooth me.
I’m told Love’s a verb, please clue me.

They all leave, won’t even cue me.

So Where’s Cupid ,

that midget been mean to me.

* * *


Merry Christmas, Guys!

This is my gift to someone trying to find something authentic and real.

May you walk right into it.

I felt like posting all my short/long drafts before New year.

Enjoy and Happy Holidays ❤️