In the Name of Politics, Who cares?


Hail all Kenya! ..

Welcome Back to the year of delusional decisions..

Where you’re told your conjugal rights stand no chance in the Name of politics.

Welcome to Kenya where unknown number of Kenyans will die in public hospitals, but who cares?

We may have tweeted a Cabinet secretary out of office  But who said we won’t vote her back? 

We have mourned about extra judicial killings, about Jacob Juma, and of course we cursed the government but we can sweep those outcries under the carpet now, in the Name of politics.

Here is what you’ll come to learn about politics: lies are designed to sound like the truth and murder to sound respectable.

This is the season Kenyan voters call it ‘their time’… It’s is the time for poor people to ball on the  power they posses in their wallet with that voting card..

They will talk so loud and even attend the political meeting to floss about how the ball is in their court to decide, talk of how tired they are. Reminicse on the past four terrible years of corruption and poor services..but in the Name of politics all this adversities are things of the past.

this ‘power’ in their pocket has a price of money and promises and its all bought in the name of politics. 

But who cares?   We lament and forget just as soon as those  political ploys are recited to us..

On August 31 you’re  on your own, and the seating government awaits your money for taxation.. So who has the power now?

In the name of politics, We forget our daily transactions are fueled to build this breaking Nation.

In the name of politics,  you spent restless days to get some cash to survive , while the government waits on it on a rotating seat to yet AGAIN TAX YOUR HARD-EARNED MONEY!!

But who cares, ?? the end we have to line up and vote whoever we choose to..


Its your right to vote but don’t be anyone’s slave -BM




A friend of mine Marvin, sparked up a very interesting topic about a boy child empowerment. There were all kinds of comments of how appropriate and inappropriate all this was. 

Well, I saw the good intent in his post but I knew it would end up being a debate on gender- and it did. 

So I thought back as to why we needed women empowerment in the first place. And there it was. Back then Women were deprived of knowledge. They were thought incapable of doing any other thing beyond the house chores. They were not allowed to be educated or own property since they were assets themselves. And that’s where it all started.

Today women own successful companies and drive expensive cars. All because of the empowerment. Raise your glasses and let’s drink to that…Cheers!  

The boy is still in the maze with no guide to navigate it. Although he is brought up to be the prince he has ended up being a pawn to the empowered queen. He is seen as the pride of the society but is he?  

He is bred with an ego big enough to fool him that he is omniscience. We forget that he needs guidance. Indeed, much more guidance to lead and take care of his woman.  

But now look how well the male world has grown its fingers, he has way too long fingers to point what’s wrong in the family instead of fixing it.  He drinks off his mistakes and carry the blame home. 

Make no mistake, I did not scribble this to fight women empowerment. I am writing this because if men were well empowered in the first place they would respect their wives than scorn them. But that’s spilt milk now. 

The truth is the men’s world is not yet dysfunctional but if our young boys continue being left to figure things out for themselves then women will have just as hard lifestyles trying to find a responsible one.



…and if I ever fail to come out of it, I promise I will be fine without rehab…

I know No one wants to be controlled by anything. No one wants to be a slave to anything. But I want to. I wanna be an addict so bad. I wanna be obsessed that I can’t do without a taste of this drug… and by the way if I succeed to make myself an addict then I promise to stay addicted. I promise that I will be fine and I surely promise you that I don’t need rehab for it.


Photo courtesy: Getty images

I have been telling myself since I was… I don’t know what age… that I will never let myself be addicted to anything but I was wrong. There is pleasure and thrill in being addicted to something/ someone. Right? …The feeling of going back again and again and again. Imagine what you would do with that kind of obsession if you got addicted to your own dreams and passion.  Imagine how much you would accomplish if you were addicted to success.
Do You want to be obsessed about your dreams, but you can’t? This is how you do it… you have to create a pattern. A habit. You have to become a repeater of things. This is how addicts are made. The exact same way perfectionists get best in their game.
The same way one would start little uplifting and become a thief, the same way you can start executing the things in your dream card and become successful. Trust me the best trainer has been knocked down more than the trainee has ever been.
I believe that addiction is mostly derived from the pleasure you get in doing something. Like smoking or having an orgasm (oops! there an addiction to that. I Hope not). Anyway The difference between getting addicted to success compared to other things is that its pleasure is in the result not in the effort.  Work your way to the result and make sure you never forget the feeling of achieving. Let it play in your mind how it felt like to be better than everyone. Now hold on to that feeling and let every single part of you wanna feel that forever.
In case you think you have tried enough, help me answer this… Do you know that you can fake it until you become it? The answer is yes! you can fake it until you make it…It’s called tricking your mind. It’s an art you have to learn –ITS MANIPULATION. And this time You can learn to manipulate your mind into a pattern. Remember the game; its fake it until you become it… its habit creation.  Just like smoking you have to keep the drill on.

Someone just told me to find an excuse not to fail. I think I will hold on to that. Find a reason not to fail.
My reason: I failed and that’s my reason not to.


Addiction success




If you can’t keep your own personal secrets to yourself, don’t expect others to. We barely realize it but opening up to people has limits, and an extension to this puts you in a situation of insecurity. Shared secrets makes us vulnerable unless it is not a real secret in itself.

We have friends we share our personal issues to, that’s normal. But how well do you sieve what you say to strangers or even to the people close to you? The ones you trust the most because you love them. Have you ever stopped and asked yourself how deep it will hurt your reputation, your relations with people and ultimately hurt YOU?

If they, in any chance, betray your trust what would become of your dirty talks, your controversial actions and things you did and said about others that you are not proud of?
People change and how they talk about you today is not what they will when you cross roads.

Get this straight, every big skeleton you dig up from your closet shackles you as a prisoner to the one you tell it to.
We all have secrets and there’s no essence in telling them all. This is no new thing and I know by now you have shared secrets that you would rather not have. You can’t take it all back and amnesia isn’t common especially to the people you opened up to.

PS:Mystery gives you a chance to recommence and even find solace in your mistakes. Lock up your skeletons and ditch the key yourself – Bm

I Choose Kenya, I Choose To Be Different. (#Club42Kenya)


When the power of Love overcomes the love of power, the world will know peace. -Jimi Hendrix


We are Club 42 and we stand for patriotism, peace and Love.

God is Ashamed of Us. I write this note with a heavy Heart and an itching soul that cries out loud to the heavens and hopes that one day our country will reason as one. A dream that I’ll one day live out Loud.
Its appalling and disgusting how we turn out to be instruments of Havoc in a flip second.

Political tides and times die with the wind and elections are seasonal. In this day and age worshipping of respective candidates In various positions of leadership has become the norm for many including the elites who are expected to be movement and the change the world anticipates. Its a huge blow and a heavy punch to humanity that we’ve decided to play the tune of those who know us not and their only aim is to use and dump after their individualistic and egocentric interests are met. We’ve turned out to be the servants rather than the masters who dictate what we want. We’ve been hoodwinked and brainwashed by fallacies and false hopes through this political gods. We’ve remained the same and worse off than yesterday.

Education and wisdom seems to have no place in our minds. Our Brains and heads remain Empty. Reason intuition and Wisdom is only but a word in the dictionary, nothing much. We risk much for this humans under the illusion that they are our own. Political stooges and deluded imbeciles describe our persona.

And yet we continue to curse rather lament about bad leadership. Of course its a chorus that has been sung for ages and now its a lullaby. We Complain yet we have the power to change. We weep yet we have a chance to celebrate. We are blindly fooled in broad daylight and put our lives on the line with no pay just to make a fellow creature happy.

This begs the question, once we’ve learnt to tolerate each other then we’ve surpassed the threshold of maturity. I wish and yearn for that day where qualities and ideologies would be a yardstick for people to ascend to leadership, a day where we would learn that brotherhood goes beyond the levels of ethnicity,a day where the words of the national anthem will instill some sense in us and finally an era where Mimi na Wewe
Tutaungana Mikono tujenge Kenya MOJA PAMOJA


I am Jonathan Junie.
I stand to be counted. I choose to be different.

Sorry, God will Not Stop All Your Adversities


My little sister found this nest with little cute birds struggling to hatch themselves out of the shell and couldn’t help watching them suffer so she helped by break them out. She carried them home and kept them for pets. A few days after, they couldn’t fly.  She couldn’t understand why. The same way its hard to understand why you’re are going through tough times in your life.
It is in this hardest seasons of your life you call on to God in every single manner possible BUT HE WONT ANSWER JUST YET.

So you struggle real hard and even start loosing faith because things aren’t going your is in this time that Believing becomes such a hard thing.
your soul is troubled.

All your head and heart can do is ache. You have prayed for months but the heavens went silent  on you. The window of  Hope is closing and you can’t figure a way out of the issues in your heart.
You even feel like Christianity is a loosing battle at times. The God you thought would fight for you in your lowest moments is on mute…

Every time you are online your friends’ status on WhatsApp and Facebook show of how happy they are.
Whom do they pay for this? 
You worship just to have peace but its one trouble after the other. Your problems have mountained so high you have no idea  who will help you.
Ironically, God is truly watching you suffer. And He hasn’t done anything yet.

You know why those little cute birds didn’t fly? Because they were helped out of the shell. Their wings never stretched strong enough. They never felt pain in breaking their way out of the shell. They were helped by a little girl who thought they couldn’t make it through the pain. Ironically it is that pain that strengthens their wing bones.. Listen, It is your biggest problems that strengthens your soul to fly well when the shell is broken.
And God is too wise to help you break out.. So Yes, He’s watching you  through your adversity because you’re supposed to make it out.

Work through your pain and troubles because there is a day for you to fly high .. There’s a day God is going to level all your mountainous problems because He knows just when to Help.
Believe God is Going to level all your adversities. Just believe!

Isaiah 45:2 “I will go before you and will level the mountains; I will break down gates of bronze and cut through bars of iron”





I probably don’t know you but I think we share something in common. I bet I am right about this. Have you ever lacked the right words to describe who you really are to your friends? I know you have and so have I. Even if you stopped for a moment right now. Who would you describe yourself as? A student of life, a passenger on earth, the son/daughter of so and so…perhaps throw a lot of titles to your name.

It is a question that mostly end with I am a lot of things…obviously once again some will tag a title to their names to describe what they are and not who they are. Trust me, it is not a wordplay. It might seem like one but there is a thin line between WHAT YOU ARE and WHO YOU ARE.


What you are is a temporary description of yourself. Who you are is a lifetime mark you bear in life and turns to legacy after you are gone.

Don’t get lost because I want to make this two clear.

You might be the CEO today, that’s what people will call you- The CEO, right? Yeah, because that’s what you are to that company- a CEO.  You have laid up responsibilities to execute and a vision to achieve. See, this is an already created personality of what you should be to that particular company. You are supposed to morph in and own the vision, live in it day after day. It is your job. And we all know about jobs. We will ultimately retire from our jobs or get fired anyway.

So now let’s flip the coin and see the side of who you are. This side of you is innate-you are born with it. A capability which with a little digging and focus you will one day call Passion. Because it expands day by day and becomes an overflow of energy that has to be done no matter what. Whether you are employed or not. There are people who are born revolutionaries. They are meant to change the world. And little do they know as they grow up. But when they realize who they are meant to be they truly change it.


Remember Martin Luther. Yes you do. How about Steve Jobs- one of the founders of apple. He may be a founder but how his knowledge and passion have transformed this world is way too legendary.

So I beg to differ and tell you that you are not what your titles says you are. However, you are who your passion drives you to be. Titles are sign of achievements and it’s good to own them, but let them be pushed by your passion to be your own best.  Dig hard to find within yourself the passion that will transform you to who you want to be.

Possess the passion-thirst and thrill to find who you are supposed to be and maybe you will quit being a mediocre. Passion is what you should die for, because even when you die the legacy of your identity will live on.
Passion-drive is the genesis of who you will be