The perspective of Wonder.

What is wonder?

What makes anything appealing?


Is there any way to ponder

And get to a space of revealing


By sight, I can find immenseness,

By touch, profound connection.

And in ideas,

I get lost in great imagination,

of realities and possibilities.



what makes anything appealing?

What is it that tricks off in us?

What arouses these buzz?


That is the puzzle, you see.

Phenomenons are just but little triggers,

They point to something.

They speak, but their questions get deeper.

And often, we are left to wonder about the things we wonder about.


Nature Is my wonder,

I find women a beautiful mystery,

But the heart of kids gets me lost.


I never thought flowers can trigger,

Or the sight of mountain ranges in my backyard.


No one ever thinks they will look at the moon differently,

Until one day, they do.

Ever wondered why?


Ever wondered why

Kindness draws people in,

Or why

A careless mouth chases people off?


What are these virtues pointing to?

A good soul?


So, Why is that so admirable?


And why is that so important?

Because man is lonely.

Until there is affection.


You may wonder, my fair one

And why is love so important?

Well, that’s where the web begins,

Doesn’t it?

The Lesson Beneath.

The nights talk, and they speak volumes.
The darkest hour is a teacher,
And his classes unconventional.

His tone is patronizing,
And mostly with a golden lesson underneath it

He is here to make you listen, my friend.
Here to show you the consequences of your actions, and the End.

Because, in your darkest hour.
His classes are best.

Especially when you are beat,
when it’s all good you can’t see a bit,
Even a possible heart break, ‘Cos you’re just busy skipping beats,

But trust me , you’ll learn.
And before the class is over
He will hand you over to Dawn.

Yes Dawn,
Dawn is a philosopher.
He teaches about light while in the dark,
He sees what lurks beyond your darkest hours,
He knows about the sun.
And he makes you want to cross over,

“The sunrise has lungs,” he says.
‘There’s green and life on the other side,” he promises.

The night is ending and you’ll find happiness once again,
The night is ending, you won’t stay broken and miserable,
This long night is in it’s last hour.

Hold your breath for a little longer,
Hold it just a little bit more….

Watch the East, and wait for the Rays,
The green and life is approaching,
The sun is coming right up.

To bring forth your shine,
To bring back your smile,

Even when you see it covered in a cloud,
Stand your ground and just watch the sky unravel.

“You’re radiant, And adhesive
You’ll attract what’s good


– This has been in the archives. You’ve probably read parts of the quotes extracted from This poem.

If you haven’t thanks for reading 😊


Some days you’re at war with your shortcomings

And somedays you’re free because of them.


Sometimes it feels like you’re headed in no direction,

And sometimes it just feels good there isn’t one.


Life can lead us to desperate places,

We can lose ourselves,

We can feel alone sometimes

We can often fall into pits of depression

But there is nothing reassuring to a soul,

Than people who hold out hands instead of pointing fingers,

People who are ready to hug things out.

We are more alive when we care and are cared for.


There is no greater lesson to be human

Than the up and downs

Nothing makes us more human than

The pain and joys of this life.


 The wars I fight now,

I will find growth in the next phase.


 Some flaws we don’t choose,

Some of them will never go away,

They are never meant to.

They are meant to make us feel.

Feel human, feel loss

Fill the void.


Fill the void we have;

With people,

With things,

And ultimately with God.


Everyone is dependent.

On something or someone.

We will always be.

 It is, in fact, the whole essence of humanity

to find some “missing piece.”

We lack wholeness in self.


The missing piece is in all of us

It’s as vast as the ocean,

And it is why, no matter what

No one is an island.

No one will ever be.



We always will.


Potential beings, aren’t we all blessed.

For the choice is ours, nothing’s fenced.

You have everything to be human, not a single soul is benched.

Kindness or cruelty, it all depends.

 What we choose to be, is up to us, in my defense.


From the shelves of humanity, you have to pick

For the actions you put out in the world, grow up quick.

Just in case you forget, I’ll remind us real quick

it’s a circular world, it’s all bound to catch up

You get what you give, everything goes full circle.


What’s this about?

This is the second poem in this new theme I’m doing, dubbed: “Human by birth, Humane by choice.” the first poem was based on the notion that despite our mistakes we ought to try.  here is where it begins

This poem is on: there are consequences, for the choices we make.

I initially wanted to do just one poem in my draft but a few more angles came on and I decided I could extend a little bit. if you get more perspectives on this, do a poem and tag me, I would most like to read your mind.

Thank you, guys.



Because of people.

Poetry and God.

They purge my burning heart from the ashes of yesterday.

They hand my soul the liberating keys of expression,

And unlock some unpleasant truths of my life without exception.

It’s With God,

That I can drown the demons of my distant past.

It’s with these God-given poems

That I can reach for my heart when it falls into darkness.

But most importantly:

it’s because of people.

it. is. because of people

I’ve learned to be more human.

To be kind,

To be undeserving.

To be better.

It’s because of good hearts,

That I can hold my own and teach it.

It is because of a persisting soul,

That I encourage my own- to hold on.


Just as rivers don’t drink their own water,

And trees can’t eat their own fruits,

We can’t only live for ourselves.

I am who I am for others.

We fall for others to lift us up.

And Stay strong for others to hold on to us.


It is because of my life around people

That I know I can never mend a broken heart,

I can only be forgiven.

have the same service on my next plate.

Without people,

I would never have learned that heartbreaks

Affect everyone.

That one person,

Can wreck someone’s ship forever.

That envy,

Often sinks the very soul it sprouts from.

And it’s because of that.

That I learn to be softer with the world.

That I, adore children for their innocence.

That I can, see myself in other people’s shoes.


tie my mistakes on my belt as a lesson.


Because of the people we care about,

we have to learn.

that even though

we are not good enough.

We are.

if we try.

Little Angel 💙

I toured in my thoughts
To find a poem,

I closed my eyes, like a monk would,
Trying to access something ,
Something in the pockets of my own subconscious,
But they were torn.
Thoughts went through it.
I couldn’t find anything.

then my door opens,
And so do my eyes,
a little girl wearing her innocent smile,
Waltz in,
holding her baby palm up high, without a care in the world, she gestures for a “hi five!”
I oblige to her little gesture with my palm up.
She Hits my giant palm and smiles.

She turns her back without an extra thought, and waves goodbye.
smearing her smile on my wondering face.

Heavens lost one. Because she is My Neighbor’s little Angel👼


If there was a place,
Not far in the distance

A place where you don’t have to pretend.
you are accepted as you are,

you could bring all the weight you carry,

you could bleed all your shame, without being judged.

You can cry freely, explain it all.

You can find absolution.

You can find a true friend who understands your pain.

A friend
Who understands everything you are going through

Away from a community
That tells you- you are not good enough.

Away to
meet people who uplift you.

Would you go in and take your place?
Would you pull a chair and untie your laces?
Put down your coat and grab your space.

Jesus says there is this place,
just for you.
come and find your grace.


* * *

Originally Published on : April 2. 2019