Love and War

A little war,
Often fights,
Silent treats,
Door bangs,
Broken things,
They all Made this love truer.
The connection realer.
The conviction stronger
Love is truly a battlefield.
A place where ego and insecurities fight a loosing battle,
A place where forgiveness and respect bleed to survive,
A place to be broken until you realize what you deserve,
A place To be mend,
with gentleness,
With Care.
A place where forever is a decision,
Where loyalty is a choice you have to make..
War has been a way for love to peel back personalities and see what character fits
Love is a cruel filter,
Stealing intimacies when it’s not love
Giving it back when you find it.
Love and war,
The messy beauty of our reality.


In a World of Cruelty… Hold on

In a world of cruelty, in a world where people hurt because they’ve known pain, in this age where memes throw shade on our behalf. In this age where we live our lives with our egos more erected than our morals..
Its special to meet souls willing to swim against the tide.

People with warm hearts,
Souls kind enough,
Friends with Good intentions.
But who’s willing to ride against this tide?
Who’s brave enough to be genuinely Kind in a cruel World?

By The Hills, Appease Your Soul

Tired aren’t you? Troubled-soul is that it?

Well for me,
I’ll sit here,
Where I can see the shine,
Where the Rainbow shows,
Where I can forget, even for a while.
Just sit and see the majestic blue sky kiss the mountains at the horizon,
The romance of nature,
The serenity that it bears,
I want to sit here and feel that,
Let the shine cover my skin,
Let the cold breeze caress my feels,
Let mother nature take care of her son,
And Like all mothers,
I hope she takes the heaviness in my heart,
The numbness in my skin,
The stupid promises, everything.
Everything that took pieces of me,
All of it, mother!
I’ll be here until it all goes away.
Until the starlight come up, I’ll sit here and heal.

The Hypnosis (Poem)

Across the room, I felt it.
The magnetism, the urge,
the flare,
How surreal your presence, when you’re near,
I feel it
Your Blindness to my admiral stares,
The numbness to me you bear,
Sweetheart,My poetry ain’t that bare,
Come on now, enjoy my flair,
Maybe later I’ll show you my fissure,
My flaws, my cracks, and maybe all of me bare,
You should know sweetheart,
My little heart sweats,
with little puddles of joy and fear.
Confused If you’ll say yes or not,
If you’ll stay or walk.
A part of me says, you’ll flake
But My mind Has learned
that life is not fair.
That emotions go unnoticed,
That the heart craves for poison
That the mind feeds on false hopes.
And sometimes nothing blossoms,
And THAT, Is not fair.

Mysterious you are, My sunken place, the answers you hold ,I don’t know.
To be honest,I truly love the trance. but now, I just wanna Get out!
You’ve hypnotized me enough.



this Love poem was structured from the Idea of the Renown Film- GET OUT .

It is made for those stuck in dark places,

Stuck and hoping someone notices how you feel, stuck and hoping that what you feel gets reciprocated.

I wrote with a little hope to show you that emotions can go unnoticed,(and it will suck, like a bitch 😾)

But I also intend for you to know that they’re real -What you feel. And maybe as unfair as the world is, you’re meant to feel that for them, you’ll Never get the same love back. no one is entitled to explain to you why. That’s it! Get real, dust yourself up and get the hell out of this endless trance of wanting to know why.

Okey? Yes.? Good!

All that matters to you will come right back 💯

..When time’s right.

Until next time!


Shadows of Deadbeat Dads

He was too busy for your very first birthday,
then he wasn’t there when you learnt how to speak,
At first, mother was the only important person you knew..
Then, something hit you..
your friends got picked from school by men, all called by the same name”Dad”.
That name left so many unanswered questions,
“Mom,Do I have a Dad too? ”
“Janet got a dad and Brian too,do I have one too? ”
‘Yes’ wasn’t good of an answer..
“Can I meet him? Why is he not here😟?”
The thought of him boggled your childhood mind.
All it did was make you mad and curious!
20 years later he still didn’t come home but you saw some pictures or met him once..
Can’t explain it but Your life is full now. Because mother found a way to fix that hole..
You still crave it, subtly.. but it doesn’t tear you apart as it first did..
If he ever thinks of you, love you or even cares if you exist is a mystery..
Today maybe father’s day But you know clearly who took that mantle and gave you the world like no other..
Say thank you mother for filling that hole and for being strong for me..
Thank you for not giving up like he did..
Sorry for having to raise a child on your own without a loving partner.. thank you for overlooking heartbreak to nurture me.. for everything
Say it all, remember how strong she has been for you to be where you are now.. she deserves it all.. remind her she Did it!
She is your Hero and the only soul that valued you beyond anything else!
Happy recognition day to these souls..

Be it a guardian or a mother appreciate them.
Those with responsible fathers in their lives.. you’re the luckiest! Remember them as well.



What is left unsaid mostly is how important you need to unplug.
At some point in life you need to change people’s role in your life.
Understand seasons.
Your own life changes every year.
The role you’ve given to some needs to change as well.
Learn to make friends and also learn to unmatch fiends.
Your Life is a balance,
Without it, you are lost

Midnight strangers

It’s midnight, lights off, you hop in your bed.
You Cant sleep, no stress, just insomnia.
Saucing up the night with a little ambience of slow music in the background- Lovely!
A pop sound dings!
its a Notification on your profile,
your posts has been liked 100 a stranger. He even topped that with a DM.
he’s a cutie,a stranger, and with a rich look from the pictures.
Lustful voices at the back of your head, “he’s a smash!” … his pictures are not just impressive they are working magic on you..
But for the pride, for being a girl and to avoid the hoe label, you flush out the first thought. Good play!
He gotta work for it, and you have to play hard– it’s the game.
“Goodnight sweetheart” you’ve already said to the main guy, an hour ago.
Tonight… Its the New guy who got your eye.
Now, you know, The main is either asleep or just doing the same thing – flirting. It’s hard to tell these days.
So, to the new guy…… you REPLY!
Unlike what you expected,He wins and puts the first smile on you.
You set to reply a few more and bid him a goodnight.
But No! It Doesn’t work out…. it’s 3AM.
And You’ve been laughing and rolling your eyes so far up your sockets you can’t stop yourself. You don’t want him to stop. You don’t want to stop! This coaster is climbing to the top.. The music fades far back,you can’t hear it except the nerves striking every time he replies… this should never end.. You actually can’t remember last time you had such a nice chat with a stranger.
He’s been cracking you up you forgot the game.
Giving you the wildest of thoughts, expectations, sparks all over you, you can bloody feel it! you’re falling, shit!
…no longer thinking rational, you just want to meet now.