My prayer is one

This is My plea ,
And my only prayer

That we find Whom we look for In pleasure,
but is never there,

That we find in You
what we wish for in each relationship,
But we never get.

My prayer is one,
We find You.

You who Gives and Gives,
And Gives us all,
What we NEEDED and never KNEW.

My prayer is one,
That We find, You

You, who do nothing but Take and take,
AND take Everything
that comes in disguise
to burden our souls.

Whom is, Life itself.

I cling my feeble heart to thee.

O! Lord, This is my plea

That we find You

At The Edge of Life, I find You.

At the very edge of life,
And it’s always near,

Our Hearts look for solace.
For its always clear,

with all the burgage we bear
We are not at Peace.

Can never find it.
Not even with meditation
No, not even within.

Within us lives nothing,
Maybe wishes
And turmoil.

O! Lord,

We don’t want to settle in ourselves,
Or in things

Only in you,
And in you only
Can we get rest.

True and everlasting Rest.

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PS: ” Our problem is not that we want too much, but that we settle for too little”- CS Lewis

∆ And there’s nothing that Robs the best things off Us in this world than settling for what is Temporary.

And there is nothing as temporary as this world and everything in it.

¶Except, there is one who promised more and Beyond.
And He died to prove there’s in fact More.. Beyond this fading Life.

He lives.

What else would you possibly want off this life?

Hopefully More.

The Logos

Because of Your Word,
There’s no space between heaven and my heart.

You have stuck your word in between.
And in that word I have found Life.
In that Word, I have found you.

In my life of in betweens,
In my Life of doubt,
in weakness,

Your Word disciplines Me.
You annihilate my pride,
And reproof my wicked ways.

You substitute my thoughts,
With your promises.

You have sealed that hole In me,
And now, I am being filled by you.

To those who love you
You’re our ultimate satisfaction.

Poem Partly Inspired by a Song.

Until you Belong..

To Love,
To Belong.

Its oneness.

Self, poured into another.

But we’re those who Love
Not to be one.
But independent.

For that, we do not enjoy it
As we should.

But with time
by the Love of Christ,
We’re brought to our faces,

We’re immersed in Love,
in it’s purest form possible,
And in that knowledge
In that experience,

We want nothing
but be imitators of Him whom is, It.

Love incarnate.

But we are flesh,
And we fall short,

Only this time,
We are awaken

This time

we Love with our faces to that rugged cross.

Because we have been loved First.

Important Reminder

Please Create Offline Hours for yourself.

make sure You’re Happy and Content Offline

Offline is your ideal Life, and it’s your true metric for happiness
Don’t forget that.

Here’s something unseemingly interesting;
1. Boring is Good.

2. Asking for help is much needed

3. offline creates trust better.

4. Do something, working improves your quality of life. Idleness is a disease.

plan and Take some time off from your phone and enjoy the world as it is.. it’s healthy and much needed.

All these provide the best time for your mind to wonder, get assistance, create relationships and most importantly relax.

So Remember; Once in a while Offline is Healthy.

Make it a routine.


Tyrants rise and crumble,
Pandemics will come and go,
Good times fleet like the morning dew,
The Crowns of Kings eventually turn to dust,
For HERE, Nothing Goes to our plans.


the hands of time turn finitely,
Before the infinite One,
The one Whom is Truth.
The one true King.
That Whom Is, and will be.
In Whom we are called to.

And He, Our Father
He will call us Home.
To bathe us in;
In Truth
and in Glory

So Tick tock, my friend.
O! That’s not the sound of your watch,
But His.

We Have Forsaken ourselves.

Today, Love is the hardest thing to have and keep.

That’s no brainer.

Today marriage is hard, and we evidently know why,

because people want to commit to the feeling, not the person.

friendships have lost meaning, because it’s Not about the person, it’s about what they can do for you.

And money has lost it’s Beauty because it is no longer the means. People are.

And That’s not the worst part..

The worst part is we would rather have it that way, than change.

The worst part about us is, we’re not just selfish,
Nah, the ugliest part is we Take pride in it.

And I am ashamed of myself and my kind cos we are our own worst enemy.

Man’s biggest threat is truly Himself.
His depraved nature is the problem.
And the disease of His own mind to rationalize what he hates about himself.

Do I say these things because I think we will change?

I think we know better.

It’s the modern Status Quo.

Blessed are those who are lucky to defect it.

I hope my tombstone and yours say that we did

That we defected.


We knew how to truly love better.

The Poet’s Wish

May my gravestone say My saviour and my Lord Jesus, saved me from myself.

May Grace abound,

because I am a depraved soul.

May Humanity, even a part of it,

learn to be Humane.

To Love,

And to love others

as we do ourselves.

(Romans 13:8)

That’s it.

The Passing and the Abiding

Sunrises come and go,
Shadows shift and fade,
But Hope lingers on our hearts forever,

Though the world grows darker by the day,
And danger looms around as it may,
Children of the Most High will pray,

For Your love Leadeth us not astray.

No matter how grim the darkness gets

we know,

without a fuss

that You abide in us

And You

change Not.

At the End, We Learn, Don’t We?

Things don’t always go as planned,
But things are always going.
with each fleeting second,
everything is changing.

Life has a way of awakening us, doesn’t it?

It has hemmed us in
stepped on our schedules,
Backed us to the wall
And it almost feels like she’s now standing akimbo on us,
Until we remember what matters most.

Whatever the lesson this pandemic brings
I hope we learn it.


I wrote this a couple days back on a challenge I was featured on, thought I’d share.

Keep safe, we will overcome this pandemic.❤️

The Pages of a Poet

There was a time when I thought about love,
Wrote about love,
The very pages of my writing
Was the fragrance of it.

How beautiful are those days!
The days when I could scribble endlessly.

I am drawn back to those days
They Feel Soo distant
..and yet so near

I honestly don’t know how to feel about nostalgia,

It’s like standing across the mirror,
And wishing your reflection can feel how you feel. You know?

And nostalgia.. is .. Well
she’s the ONE!

She’s the one that keeps our best experiences brewing like fine wine

And is there ANYTHING in the world that ages Soo finely? 😍

It’s said that “What matters to an artist is not experience,
it’s the inward experience.”

You’re Held ❤️

The Best Thing about the sovereignty of God is that; its not your efforts that keep you held to Him.

Far from it!

The truth is ,

You’re not holding on to Him, He is.

O! How endearing this type of Grace.

Undeserved ,yet offered.

Not in season, or in measure
but abundantly.

It’s simply ,


About This Piece.

This piece is Inspired by – John 10:28.

And the bottom line is:

In Christ, we are Held. Both In time and beyond the grave.